Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Question to our customers?

We've had a couple customers tell us they have seen an article on the newspaper rating us. If anyone knows the link or the name of the newspaper please comment or email me, because I been looking everywhere and yet no luck in finding this article.

Thank you

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Executive Chef Miguel Angelo D'Onofrio Story

When Miguel was a boy, he had two dreams: one was to live in the United States, a country that he adopted as his own, and the other was to become a Master Chef. 
Cooking for Miguel brings back very special memories. When Miguel was a child, Miguel and his father, Mr. Angelo, spent a lot of long fun vacations and weekends at a very dear friend’s summer home.  The house was a special bonding refuge for Miguel and his father.  This summer home was a very special place where they gathered together with families and friends to eat fabulous meals and have fun.  Miguel loves for cooking started very early in his life.
 Mr. Angelo, better known as Anrrelijo, was the cook of the group. Miguel was always around his dad at the kitchen and helped prepare the delicious meals that everyone enjoyed.  Mr. Angelo talent came from his family that immigrated to Brazil from Benevento, Italy.
 When Miguel was 24 years old, he married Gizeli Domenichelli Rossi.  Gizeli’s family wasn’t different from any other Italian family. For them gathering around the table with friends and family and enjoy a delicious well-prepared meal was, and still is, every Sunday routine. After Miguel and Gizeli married, they decided to move to America, the land that they chose to live together and the place they choosen to raise their kids and nurture their family.
 Miguel’s first job in United States was the famous 5 stars restaurant, La Strada, in Greenwich CT which was owned by Mr. Mormando.  At La Strada, Miguel made many friends that would last a lifetime.  Miguel worked at the time for the famous Italian Chef Joseppe (Joseph) Capobianco.  Joseph, one day after having observed Miguel’s wiliness to learn, asked Miguel, “Miguel do you really want to became a good Chef?”.  Miguel answered: yes of course, this is my dream.  Joseph replied, “…so create every dish with love from the heart”.  The only ingredient that Miguel never missed in a dish is love.
Unfortunately, a few years later, after the building was sold, La Strade – Greenwich was closed. Mr. Mormando didn’t want to lose Miguel, so he offered Miguel to move to Chicaco to work for him in the other LaStarda restaurant.  Mr. Mormando even offers Miguel his own place to stay until he could get himself settle.  A few months working at the new La Starda Miguel decided that that was not the right fit for his family.
 It was at that point, that Miguel new journey started.  Miguel went through many ups and downs, but, with one thing in mind, his family and his culinary talent would always be with him.
 Today, Rustico (Westport) is the realization of his and his family’s dream.  Today, Rustico is an extension of those fun vacations days.  It is an extension of those special Sunday family day.  Today Rustico is the extension of Miguel’s and his family’s fabulous kitchen table.  Today, Rustico is that place where everyone is invited to come in, sit around the table and enjoy a good meal in the company of love ones.  Today, Rustico is a place where family, companionship, friendship and respect will always speak first.  Today, Rustico is the realization of Miguel’s dream, lifestyle and his family want to share their dreams.  Everything is possible when you believe.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bar picture

Carne Special

You know the carne special is good when the sou-chef aka my brother comes out the kitchen and tells me this dish needs a photo-shoot. So here it is:
Filet mignon grilled with fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, in a truffle balsamic glaze. $30